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  1. Teri Speerr

    I stumbled across your website and have been watching Kona’s pregnancy and the birth of the puppies for some time now. I’ve owned 4 Golden’s in my adult life time and currently have a 6 year old male. While my husband and I weren’t necessarily looking for another fur baby to love on, your puppies are tugging at our heart. We watched my sons Golden while he was deployed this past year, and when our son came home and took Elliott back to Augusta, GA, (June) we noticed our Jack becoming lonely over the past few months. He missed the play time, wrestling, walks, snuggling that Eliott brought for a year. I’d like to visit with you if you have any boys left that need a forever home. BTW, we live just across Estes in Westgate ๐Ÿ™‚

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