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Meet the Pups

Its time to Meet the Pups individually now. We took these pictures today and the pups are now 23 days old. We will go in the order they were born. First up is little Boy boy.  He arrived at about 6:20 am weighing in at 11 ounces.  At birth he […]

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Puppies Now Three Weeks Old

With the puppies now three weeks old we are seeing more of their personalities.  They have gained a better sense of balance and with their eyes open they are exploring their small world.   It has been very enjoyable watching them grow.  The biggest pup has gone from 14 ounces […]

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Successful Delivery

We got home last night after spending 24 hours at the vets office in Fort Collins, Co.  I’m glad to report a successful delivery, we have all eight puppies resting with mom. Kona’s temperature dropped sometime Thursday before I got home from work (on average whelping will start 24-48 hours […]

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Puppies Counted at 8

Yes the puppies counted at 8. Yesterday we went to the vet that we will be using for the delivery.  We got a picture of the puppies and I will try to post it tonight or tomorrow.  But the vet was able to count the puppies and we are expecting eight […]

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