Yes the puppies counted at 8. Yesterday we went to the vet that we will be using for the delivery.  We got a picture of the puppies and I will try to post it tonight or tomorrow.  But the vet was able to count the puppies and we are expecting eight little goldens this weekend!  Everything is looking good and the puppies are of a small enough size that no problems are expected.  We are using a vet that allows you to bring your dog in to them and they have a natural whelping area all set up so that the dog can have a natural birth, but you are already at the vet in case there is any problems during the birthing process.

We have already gathered supplies that we will need while at the vets office.  For the car we have blankets in the car to make Kona as comfortable as possible both on the way to the vets and on the way home.  As well we have a Basket outfitted with sheets and blankets that will be used to transport the puppies home.  As well we will take our cameras and be recording memories of the new puppies coming into the world.

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