With the puppies now three weeks old we are seeing more of their personalities.  They have gained a better sense of balance and with their eyes open they are exploring their small world.


It has been very enjoyable watching them grow.  The biggest pup has gone from 14 ounces to three pounds 7 ounces.  Even our smallest pup who was only 7 ounces at birth is now at two pounds.

Some of the pups are more adventurous than others have have started to be able to climb out of their basket and the Pool we have them in.  We plan on doing away with the pool within the week as the puppies get better at climbing out.  So far they only seem to try when someone comes to the side of the pool or Kona their mommy comes within reach.  We will be posting new pictures with small amounts of information later.  We will be getting weights and the pictures later tonight as Kona is currently feeding the litter.

Please check back for more updates and please contact us if you are looking for the newest member of your family.  We are located in Lakewood, Colorado just outside Denver and once the puppies are old enough we will be having people by to see the puppies and we will be able to help match the personality of the puppy to what each new family wants.




  1. Broken heart needs puppy to start healing after losing our 4th Golden this week. Please keep one of the boys for me. I called and texted already.
    Dennis Murray

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