Polo winning at Dog Show
Polo winning at Dog Show

We have made the decision of who to breed Kona to.  The breeder is Pam Hoffman, and her stud dog is “Polo” Grand Champion Am. Flyways Real Mean Wear Pink.

Feel free to check out his pedigree and Kona’s too.

Kona to be bred to Polo. He is a Grand Champion in the show ring and a great dog in temperment too. Pam Hoffman Polo’s owner said in March of 2014, “Our boy, Polo (River Flyways Real Men Wear Pink) has completed his Grand Championship!  Polo has worked hard to achieve this designation and we couldn’t be happier with his performance.”

He has health clearances just like Kona, information on the clearances are available on the same pages as their pedigee information linked above. I’ll post more on the importance of making sure they, the parents of your soon to be puppy, have been tested in certain areas.

Kona Lakewood Colorado
Kona enjoying the snow in Lakewood, Colorado

Kona went into heat on Monday May 11th. We had her tested and determined that she was ready to be breed. We arranged to take her to Pam’s house and she is currently staying there for a few days and will return home soon. It will be a few weeks before we know how successful we have been. As soon as we know for sure we will post more on that subject.

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