Our snowshoeing trip were we decided to get a golden retrieve puppy in Colorado.


How it all started — My husband and I love the outdoors, all times of the year.  We had gone snowshoeing a couple of friends.  While we were out on the trail we met a couple who were Skijorning (a sport on cross-county skis with a dog pulling, a bit like pulling a sled).  We also met a couple that had a 6 month old golden retriever with them.  We stopped on the side of the main snowshoe trail and chatted with the people for a while and learned about the very adorable pup they had with them.  They told us about the breeder that they had received the pup from and what a great pup he was.

We continued to have a great day on the trail and on the way home we talked about the golden retriever we had met.  We had both for a long time only had Dachshunds, but had considered getting a different breed for our next dog.  This began our research about goldens and approximately a one year journey to finding the newest member of our family.  We have not had anything to regret about our decision.

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